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Season Swim Meets

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Important Dates

Below are a list of some important dates for the swim season. Please make sure to look at our Special Events Calendar for all Events this season.

  • March 1 – Registration opens
  • April 9 – Parent meeting
  • May 1 – Practice begins
  • June 3 – Meet 1
  • June 11 – Movie in the Park
  • June 17 – Meet 2
  • June 26 – End of Season party

Alternatively, you can list your calendar in a table format, or some teams like to use and integrate a public Google calendar here so they can see a traditional, grid view, calendar. See this Help Center article about how to embed a Google calendar.


You’ll see that we’ve added a few sub-pages for you:

  • Signup Calendar
  • Swim Meet 101
  • Signup Instructions

Other sub-pages could include:

  • How to Read a Heat Sheet
  • Guide to Arm Marking
  • Relay Policies
  • Home Meet Location

Signup Calendar

The Signup Calendar is a key SwimTopia feature, where you’ll direct your parents to sign their swimmers up for meets, volunteer for jobs, and RSVP to events. Each event can have file attachments including heat sheets, results, directions/parking info, records broken, etc. These meets and events are created and managed under Manage Team > Schedule.

Other Pages

All the other info is optional and completely up to your team. Some other ways to organize this content include separating it from the "Meets and Events" page. You may want a "Resources" page, or a "Policies" page. Think about how your parents will look for the information, or think about how you want them to look through the information when you're deciding on your page titles and hierarchy. Customize pages with your team's terminology. See examples of other team's pages on our Example Websites page for some ideas.

This content can be easily deleted as you create your own content: go to Manage Site > Edit Page Content and click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of this Text Area.

You may rename, move, or delete this page by going to Manage Site > Edit Navigation. Note: if you delete a top-level page that has sub-pages, all sub-pages will be automatically deleted. For more information, see our Help Center article here.

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