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What Is The Practice Meet?

The Practice Meet is our team’s preseason “pretend” swim meet to ready swimmers for the five dual team swim meets against other JSSL teams. Each swimmer swims all four swim strokes; whereas at the dual meets and Championship meet, swimmers compete in only three of the four strokes. 

What Is Champs? 

Champs is our championship meet at which all six JSSL swim teams participate. It is held at a large venue and is often a lengthy day but a great deal of fun. Swimmers swim three strokes each. More detailed Champs information is provided toward the end of the season but it is an even not to be missed! 

When Are Team Photos Taken? What Should I Bring? 

Team photos are taken at the practice meet. At approximately 6:45 a.m., swimmers begin lining up inside the Cabana Club for individual and sibling photos; at approximately 7:45 a.m., a team photo is taken on risers. Bring your photo envelope and a checkbook or cash to order individual and/or team photos. A parent volunteer will later distribute the photographs when available. 

Where Do I Bring My Snack Bar Contribution? 

Please bring any snack bar contribution to the Snack Shack when you arrive, or when it is being set up. The Snack Shack is located near the baby pool and opens at approximately 8:00 a.m. The team’s biggest fundraiser, the Dolphin Snack Shack is home to breakfast burritos, the famous Tri-Tip BBQ sandwich, snow cones and many other treats and healthy snacks. 

What is a DQ (Disqualification)? 

Disqualification is when a swimmer uses an improper swim technique, violating JSSL stroke and turn rules, and therefore their time does not count. Generally, however, swimmers 6 and under do not receive DQ”s because they are all still learning proper swim techniques. Coaches, will review any DQ’s with the swimmers after the swim meet (usually in practice the following week); the goal is to benefit the swimmer with positive feedback. 

What is a Scoring Table? 

The Scoring Table, set up near the BBQ and Snow Cone areas, processes time sheets into swimmer scores and official swim meet results. Swimmers and parents not working at the Scoring Table are discouraged from visiting or interfering with the process. 

When and Where are Scores Posted? 

Periodically, usually not until after the first event, swimmer time results and meet scores are posted in a results area at each venue.  Results are also available via the SwimTopia Mobile App during the meet.  After the meet, results are available online on the team website, along with swimmer best time reports, etc. 

How Does a Swimmer Earn Ribbons? 

Ribbons are awarded at every swim meet except the Practice Meet. Every swimmer will receive at least one ribbon, which are awarded for Participant, Personal Best, Heat Winners and Place Winners. During the week following a swim meet, ribbons are placed in file folders labeled by family last name, usually near the girl’s bathroom. When celebrating swimmer accomplishments please remember the team philosophy: we place the highest priority on each swimmer’s personal best, fair sportsmanship and good team conduct.

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