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Meet Jobs

It often takes some trial runs to figure out which meet job you will enjoy the most. As a new family you may wish to experiment and sign up for a variety of meet jobs to find your best fit. The majority of jobs are working in conjunction with other swim team parents so there is always guidance available and it is also a great way to meet other team members.

Each Meet Job will be worth one point towards your total points required to fulfill your family job requirement. Your meet jobs requirements for the season are as follows:

  1. Each family must volunteer for both halves of the practice swim meet.
  2. Each family must volunteer for one Champs meet job.
  3. Each family must volunteer for a total of four half jobs (if there are two home dual meets) or five half jobs (if there are three home dual meets) over the course of the dual meets. You can choose to spread these out as you wish (e.g., you might choose to work both halves of one meet, followed by not working at the next meet) as long as you volunteer for the requisite number of half jobs over the course of our season

 Each meet job will be worth 1 point. For a season requiring 4 meet jobs you will need to earn a minimum of 6 points (2 points for practice meet + 4 from dual meets). For a season requiring 5 meet jobs you will need to earn a minimum of 7 points (2 points for practice meet + 5 from dual meets). Champs jobs are not opened until late in the season and do not factor into the total points required at time of registration.

*Note: swim team jobs do take your full attention so you need to have adequate child care coverage during the meet. Swim team families often help each other out in this regard. Also, for swim meet jobs that involve the handling of food it is very important that children not handle and serve any food items.

Clerk of Course jobs:

Head Clerk of the Course – Responsible for organizing swimmers by event, heat, and lane and getting them safely to the starting blocks while minimizing delays between adjacent heats. Combines heats so no swimmer races alone and notifies the Timing Console of seeding changes. [Previous CoC Experience Required]

Assistant Clerk of the Course – Assist the Clerk of the Course as needed to seat swimmers, assist in leading swimmers to starting blocks, and keep starting area clear of spectators. [No Experience Necessary]

Clerk of the Course Runner – Lead swimmers to starting blocks, and keep starting area clear of spectators. During 13-18 events, check trash bins and empty/replace bags as needed. [No Experience Necessary]

Lane Jobs:

Head Timer – Responsible for all the Timers and Recorders. Assures the Timers & Recorders are properly briefed prior to each session; Supervises the Timers during the session, starts additional watches to be used as a substitute in the event a Timer's watch fails. [Previous Timer and Recorder Experience Required]

Timer – Stops the electronic timing or starts/stops a manual stopwatch.
Relays the manual time to the Recorder. Each lane has three timers to serve as a sort of checks and balances. The time from all three timers is averaged to make up the official time for the swimmer so no need to fear a timing job! [No Experience Necessary]

Recorder – Records the manual watch times, verifies that the proper swimmers are competing in that lane, puts hand in water for 6&U backstroke (palm towards wall). [No Experience Necessary]

Table Jobs:

All table jobs require training so you will be asked to attend a meeting prior to the swim season. Don’t let this scare you! Table jobs are straightforward once you have attended the training.

Timing Console (Head Data) Oversees the Dolphin electronic timing system and works with the Starter to verify equipment status. Inputs Clerk of the Course changes and imports timing result files into Hy-Tek. [Pre-Season Training Required]

Table Worker: Intermediary - Enters DQ Codes. Validates the times are correct as compared to the recorder sheets. Re-calculates averages as necessary. Notifies Results & Ribbons when an event is complete. Oversees Meet Mobile. [Pre-Season or Shadow Training Required]

Table Worker – Runner – Collects DQ Slips from S&T Judges and Recorder Slips from each lane and delivers to the Intermediary Table Workers. [No Experience Necessary]

Table Worker – Results & Ribbons - Prints Results and Ribbon Labels. Post results on Result Board. Prepare ribbons with result (place and heat winner) labels. [Pre-Season or Shadow Training Required]

Poolside Jobs:

Stroke & Turn Judge and Relay/False Start Judge – Judge legality of strokes & turns per league rules. [Pre-Season JSSL Stroke & Turn Clinic Attendance Required]

Announcer – Controls the tempo of the meet. Keeps spectators, coaches and swimmers informed and their interest maintained throughout the meet via timely announcements, information, snack bar specials and enthusiastic descriptions of the races, where appropriate. [Shadow Training Required]

Starter – The starter must know the rules and governing starting procedures; operates the electronic timing progression; works with the Announcer to control the pace of the meet. Ensures that all swimmers receive a fair and equitable start. [Pre-Season JSSL Starters Clinic Attendance and Shadow Training Required]

Timing Console Assistant – Keeps track of the meet by updating the Event/Heat board, which in turn is used by Stroke & Turn judges and the Announcer. Compares heat sheet to swimmers in the water, and notifies the Timing Console of irregularities (e.g. absent or extra swimmers). [No Experience Necessary]

Food Jobs:

Hospitality / Bathroom Monitor - Fill water glasses at the side of the Snack Bar near the refrigerator, offer water to all adults working the meet. Check paper towel and toiletpaper supply, restock if needed (see Manager) and check for general cleanliness of bathroom.

BBQ - set up prep - Make sure the BBQ area is clean, set up equipment, clean and prep condiments, start BBQ @9am.

BBQ - 1st shift cook - Assist prep person with finishing prep work, cook and serve BBQ items, restock supplies as needed.

BBQ - 2nd shift cook - Cook and serve BBQ items, restock supplies as needed check with Head BBQ person about amounts of food to cook.

BBQ - 3rd shift cook - Cook and serve BBQ items, check in with head BBQ person about amounts of food to cook, inform snack bar of items running low, clean up at end of meet.

Snack Bar Setup PM This job takes place on Friday evening. Setup tables, table clothes, extension cords, tubs, ice chests and microwave.

Snack Bar Setup AM This job takes place Saturday morning. Help setup the snack bar area and prep some food items, check in donations, sell food.

Snack Bar Server - Sell food and replenish depleted food when necessary.

Snack Bar Cleanup - Put away all food items, tables, tubs and equipment.

Snow Cone Assistance – Serve snow cones during home meets

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