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Swim Meet 101

You can find our swim meet schedule on the Dolphins website: Here you can also view and change your volunteer job assignments, snack bar contributions, and your swimmer attendance settings. At 10pm on Tuesday night before each meet, we will turn off the ability to change these settings and you will be able to view them only.

Swimmer Attendance

Please use the Dolphins website to indicate whether or not your swimmer(s) will be attending each meet. You can make changes up until 10 p.m. the Tuesday before the meet. If you must make a late change, let the coaches know at You must select your swimmers preferred strokes for each meet. At the practice meet all swimmers participate in all four events. At dual meets select your three preferred stokes. Note the coaches may override the preferred entries. Always verify your swimmers events the morning of the meet on the Check-In Report.

Meet Sheet

Before each meet, we will email a "Meet Sheet" with complete meet details to the all-dolphins e-mail list. We will also post the Meet Sheet on the Dolphins web site and on the team bulletin board at the pool.

What to bring to a swim meet

Bring team suits and caps, towels, goggles, blanket or chairs, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and amusements for your swimmers (books, cards, games). Many people bring easy-ups for shade. Leave expensive electronic games or anything you don’t want lost or stolen at home. Your swimmer should not wear swimsuits, caps, or apparel from other swim teams. Bring your snack bar contribution (if applicable). Mark your belongings with your name.

Meet jobs - First half and second half jobs - (See Meet Jobs list)

Some meet jobs, such as set-up and clean-up, occur early before the meet or after the meet. Most other jobs during the meet are either first-half or second-half jobs. First half workers are to report to their positions at the designated time at the start of the meet. Second half jobs usually start around 10:45 a.m., in the middle of the breaststroke events. Please listen for announcements and report to your volunteer position on time. If you are working a first-half job, please do not leave your post until you have been relieved by your second-half counterpart.

Swim team families are required to work both a first half job and a second half job at the practice meet; this is because there is no opposing team to help fill the jobs. During the regular season, swim team families must work five additional meet jobs and a Champs job. Families may spread out meet jobs however they wish (all first half jobs, all second half jobs, a combination of both). There are more jobs to fill at home meets than there are at away meets.

You can manage your meet volunteer jobs on the Dolphins web site. At some point, we lock the meet jobs database. After that, in order to changeyourmeetjobs,pleasesendemailto:

Approximate Time for Meets: 7:30am –1pm

Home meets begin a little earlier (because we have to set up) and end a little later (clean up!); swimmer check in and warm-ups are a little later at away meets. Carefully review the Meet Sheet for exact times.

Parking at home meets

Parking at Laurelwood on the morning of a meet can be difficult. Please be courteous and leave spaces near the Club for our visiting team. You can unload your gear in front of the Club and park a block or two away. Do not block our neighbors' driveways.

Space at Swim Meets

Families can set up blankets and chairs on any available grassy area. For the practice meet we have the entire grassy area at the Cabana Club. Please observe, however, for our dual team home meets: there will be a dividing rope along the grass near the shallow end of the pool, designating an area reserved for the visiting team. Similarly, when we are at an away meet, pay attention t to the area reserved and/or marked for Laurelwood. We are often very tight on space at swim meets. We try to ask families to be respectful and only take up space they will actually use. If you bring an EZ Up your should be prepared to welcome old and new friends to join you so there is room for everyone!

Volunteer check-in

At approximately 7:30a.m., the parent volunteer check-in table is setup just inside the Cabana Club. The volunteer coordinator will give you a name tag which has your volunteer job responsibilities printed on it.

Swimmer self check-in

Remember, we no longer have a check-in table at any meets. Please bring a sharpie and find the meet sheet to get your swimmer’s heat/lane assignments.

Officials meetings

Timers, recorders, judges, and table workers meet at about 8:45 a.m. prior to the meet to review important information. Listen for the announcement, or just show up as it can be difficult to hear at crowded swim meets.

Team Cheer

At about 8:50 a.m., the older swimmers and Coaches gather together all the swimmers for a team cheer led by the seniors. It will not be difficult to hear this, and it will be crazy fun. Have your cameras handy.

Getting swimmers to their events – Clerk of the Course

The Clerk of Course, setup near the office windows, is responsible for organizing and delivering the swimmers to the starting blocks. Listen for the Announcer to call out when certain event groups should “report to the Clerk of Course”. Please help younger swimmers report to the Clerk of the Course at the right time; their arms are marked with Sharpie pens for the events in which they are participating.


At the end of the meet, please leave your area clean. Put away and stack lawn chairs. Pick up trash around you even if it's not yours.

Parent Checklist

Monday or Tuesday before the meet

  • Make sure you have updated your
  • attendance on the web
  • Double check your volunteer job
  • Double check snack bar contribution
  • Changes can be made up to 10 p.m.Tuesday.

Night before the meet

  • Gather your gear (goggles, suit, towel, folding chairs)
  • Review directions to the meet
  • Review the meet lineup on the web

Morning of the meet

  • Slather on the sunscreen
  • Bring your snack bar item, if any
  • Leave enough time for travel, parking, and getting settled

At the meet

  • Check in swimmers
  • Check in volunteers
  • Get swimmers to their warm up
  • Get swimmers to the clerk of the course for their events
  • Have fun doing your job
  • Cheer!

After the meet

  • Help clean up
  • Take an afternoon nap
  • Dream of next meet




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